Stock is prepared by simmering meaty bones from meat or poultry, seafood and vegetables in water until their flavour, aroma, colour, body, and nutritive value are extracted.

After preparing the stock, the volume can be reduced by boiling off water.

The aim of reducing a stock is to improve its flavour and consistency. 

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Upcycled ingredients

We want to reduce food waste and contribute to a more sustainable food industry.

This is why we use vegetables, protein and other sources of nutrition that are leftover in the food industry.

We buy bones from bull calves that are leftover in the milk production,
organic egg-laying chickens in excess from egg production, invasive shore crabs and organic seaweed in order to create a vegan stock with strong and intense umami flavours but without animal produce.


We combine traditional and new techniques in order to enhance the clarity and flavour in our stock.

Each batch is hand skimmed. This gives the stock greater clarity as fats and impurities float to the top are removed. 

After the stock has been slow simmered and reduced we filter it carefully.

We have divided our cooking process into two steps. First, we slow simmer for a minimum of 10 hours. Then we reduce the stock for 5 hours. After the stock has been slow simmered and reduced we filter it carefully.


We want to keep evolving and develop new food products. We do this by identifying which resources that are leftover in the food industry. Thereafter we research, test and develop new recipes for the
purpose of potentially putting it into production and sale.

However, this can only be done in collaboration with various partners in the food and agricultural sector.

Therefore, we are always looking for new partners within the food industry.


Right now, we are working with DFS, Himmerlandskød, Grim, Balkan Berries, Tvilling Fisk, Nordisk Tang, Teknologisk Institut and Kildespring.

We are interested in all kinds of sidestreams from all different parts of the food industry.

So, if you are operating within the food industry and are interested in
collaborating with us in terms of leftover produce, knowledge or other insights – please let us know.

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