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Stock made from upcycled produce with no additives
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Taste from waste

REDUCED is an innovative food production company based in Copenhagen.

We specialize in creating high-quality food products and flavor enhancers made from upcycled produce.

Always with at focus on taste, quality and sustainability.

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Cook with REDUCED

Try our recipes created by the chefs at REDUCED.

These will show you how to easily create delicious meals with lots of

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Better for people. Better for our planet

Not serving REDUCED? Let's fix that.

More and more customers are looking for sustainable alternatives.

We'd love to partner with you to put our delicious stock on the menu.

Together, we can get people eating and treating the planet better, bite-by-bite.

Contact us if you want to serve Reduced in your restaurant, canteen, or Hotel. We will supply you with samples and help you get started serving healthy stock from sustainable produce.

It's good for your business. Good for your customers. Good for the

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